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I am Margarita, the founder of Coastal Crew Running and your coach. I have been an avid runner for over 15 years. Last year I completed my coaching certification to broaden my knowledge on many aspects of recreational running and be able to address the needs of runners of different levels.

My goal is simple – to help you on your running journey, be with you every step of the way (quite literally –  during our group runs!). I will be your trusted guide, your biggest fan and supporter. Together, we will achieve your set goals and share a joy of success. Us, women, tend to forget to carve “me” time way too often but it is essential to re-charge, re-fresh and recuperate so we can go home and continue to be the best wives, moms, sisters, aunts and so on! By lacing your shoes and heading out of the door for your group or home run you are guaranteed to come home happy, energized and accomplished.

Every runner has started somewhere. I myself, discovered running in my early 20’s. I learned that there was a Running Room store in the area where I just moved. They had a running club on Wednesday nights for runners of all abilities. I decided to kill two birds with one stone – meet active people in a new neighborhood and learn how to run. It ended up being the best decisions I have ever made as I created new friendships and got addicted to recreational running.

Many 5km, 10km and half-marathons later I still find running to be my addiction of choice – it gives me a sense of accomplishment and comfort of knowing that I am in no competition with anyone but myself. My success depends on me and my abilities. I met some fantastic people in a running community in both Canada and Australia. I am inspired by their accomplishments but we all are on our own journey and I encourage you to enjoy yours: move at your own speed, celebrate your successes (as small as it might seem) and listen to your body.


Belinda - Level 1 Recreational Running Coach

Belinda has been an avid runner since she was a child cutting laps in the backyard around the hills hoist or coaching her siblings through intricate and elaborate obstacles courses. She’s since moved on from the backyard to challenging herself in 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances. 

For Belinda, it’s never really been about the speed of her runs but rather getting outside, clearing her head and focusing on the here and now – getting faster, fitter and stronger is a beautiful side benefit of running.

She’s passionate about community and helping others achieve their goals. 

As a Level 1 Recreational Running Coach she wants to help you on your running journey.

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