How to keep up your motivation

We’ve all been there: we enthusiastically start a running program to only find ourselves slacking a bit mid-way due to unforeseen circumstances at home (life happens as I call it- number one reason apart from injury why runners, especially beginners, quit before getting to the end) or simply losing motivation. Well, fret not- below is a list of ideas to boost your motivation and get your running “mojo” back.

1. Have a clear, attainable goal

Give yourself a reasonable time frame to achieve it. And then break it into sub-goals that you can measure. Don’t give yourself a pie in the sky resolution of becoming a better runner in 3 months. Ask yourself WHAT is it that you want to achieve? HOW can this be done and HOW LONG it will take you to get there. Be realistic and honest with yourself: take into consideration your current fitness level and lifestyle. If you have never ran before take it easy and give yourself plenty of time to transition into running. Don’t immediately sign up for a half-marathon and expect to be able to run your PB in 4 weeks’ time. There is a time and place for everything and you want to get there safely and gradually.

2. Celebrate your little wins and successes along the way

Managed to drag yourself outside for a 30min run on a rainy day? Win! Got out of bed at a crack of a dawn to run that fartlek because you know you got plans for the evening and wouldn’t fit your run then? Win! Feel free to occasionally reward your awesome self with something that tickles your fancy- a massage, a facial, a new workout gear? Check!

3. Add variety to your running routine

Shake up stale routine by changing up your running route, session times, or tackle a new terrain. New things add excitement and that is exactly what we are after- the more enjoyable your run is the better chance that you will stick to your running habits and want to continue. Make sure your new route is safe though and well-lit if running at night time or early morning. In addition, by changing the terrain you will discover how differently your body responds to new surfaces be it a soft sand or a forest trail.

4. Run with a friend

Or better yet- find a friendly local group. You’ll feel more accountable and more likely to turn up for a session. There are million excuses that we can come up with to cancel our solo run but knowing that Marissa, Alice and Vera will be there waiting for us might make us more inclined to lace up those sneakers. A social aspect of group running is also a bonus – time flies when you are chatting away with like-minded people. Train together, support each other and celebrate your achievements together!

Happy Running!

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