3 Things Running Has Taught Me (that are applicable to life in general)

Through years of running I have learned that some principles can very well be applied in our daily life. Here are three that I thought resonated the most.

1. You Are Your Own Competition

You measure your success and progress by comparing your performance a week, a month or a year ago. This is the only way to approach recreational running as comparing yourself to other runners will sabotage your efforts and put you on a long path to nowhere. Each runner (elite or recreational) has his or her own journey with unique, individual goals and yes, most have to overcome struggles and hurdles in order to reach the triumph. Therefore, choose to savour your running journey, set your pace, embrace your small wins and set goals that are achievable by YOU! I am personally quite alright that I won’t be running as fast as that elite female runner I follow on Instagram but I will do my best to beat my last year’s PB at City2Surf! J My point is – admire others, read about how they got where they got but be mindful of your own capabilities and limitations. Go YOU!

2. There Has To Be A Plan

I found that I am the most efficient and determined when I have a plan- a set program that I follow every week. And yes, of course, some days things don’t go exactly according to the plan but I know that I can just jump back in and pick up where I left off. Knowing my running schedule in advance allows me to plan my days around it or vice versa- I can create the plan that fits into my already established routine at home (kids activities, work and everything in between). Happy runner, happy wife, and happy mom- everybody wins 😉

3. It Takes A Village

Sure, you might consider yourself a solo runner but if you look closely there is usually a support crew somewhere on the side lines. It includes family, friends, fellow running mates, coach and those odd Instagram followers who cheer you on even though they never met you in person J They are there to offer genuine support during your journey as well as lift you up when you come across a bumpy road along the way. Without a doubt it is nice to share your success with those who care. There are also mentors- people who you aspire to and who choose to generously donate their time for the purpose of your personal growth (I have a few and am forever grateful for their ongoing support!). So, solo or not- embrace and appreciate your support crew and together you are bound to get to that coveted goal of yours!

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